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Measure your watch strap correctly in 4 Simple Steps: Your Complete Guide

The lug, the distance between the lugs of the watch, is essential for choosing the right strap. Here is a four-step guide to accurately measuring the lug of your watch:

Step 1: Prepare Your Measuring Tool

To measure the lug, you will need an accurate measuring tool. A vernier caliper is ideal for obtaining an accurate measurement, but a measuring tape or precise ruler can also do the trick.

Step 2: Position Your Watch Correctly

Place your watch on a flat surface. Measure the distance between the lugs, that is, the space between the two ends where the bracelet is attached. Be sure to measure from the innermost point of each horn.

Step 3: Take Specific Actions

Use your measuring tool accurately. Carefully line it up with the inner ends of your watch lugs and take the measurement. Write down this measurement accurately to ensure you choose the correct width bracelet.

Step 4: Choose the Bracelet Suitable for the Entrecorne

Once you've measured the lug width, look for watch straps with a matching width. Opt for bracelets whose width closely matches the measurement taken to ensure a perfect fit.
By following these simple steps to measure your watch's lug, you'll be able to choose a strap that fits perfectly, complementing the aesthetic of your watch.
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